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Introduction to Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Clamp on ultrasonic flow meters are a type of flow meter used in various industrial applications, including effluent flow monitoring. Read our guide to understand their uses, working methodology, benefits and limitations.

David leaps into February with SIRIS

Business Co-ordinator David has joined SIRIS head office team.

Supporting the operations and logistics within the Service team departments, David will act as a central point of co-ordination and will be the main contact for clients throughout works planning, scheduling and delivery.  

The systems and processes at SIRIS are already impressive, from efficient record keeping to the streamlined nature of the processes.  The teams all work extremely hard and are passionate about what they do.  My aim will be to build on this good work already in place and to ensure we keep improving in what we do. The team has been so welcoming and supportive and the training is second-to-none – I feel like I’ve been here forever!”


About David:

An extensive background in planning and the public sector means David comes with a solid understanding of the industry.  After having completed an initial apprenticeship as a toolmaker at the start of his career, he has since worked for both government and the private sector, carrying out various inspection roles during his career.

What will David be doing?

Acting as a central point of co-ordination, David will be the main contact for clients throughout works planning, scheduling and delivery.  From sales agreement to service contract, he will ensure that all stakeholders are informed and ready to deliver, as well as making sure that all necessary processes are in place behind the scenes. 

Director Chris added,

“This is an integral role to the business.  The nature of our Service teamwork is variable and far-reaching across the UK.  Careful planning at all stages of the project life cycle is key to our success, and we’re confident that David will take up the reins and deliver this to our exacting standards.”” 

Director Chris added,

“This is an integral role to the business.  The nature of our Service teamwork is variable and far-reaching across the UK.  Careful planning at all stages of the project life cycle is key to our success, and we’re confident that David will take up the reins and deliver this to our exacting standards.”” 

EDM Assessment

An MCERTS inspection involves numerous steps to ensure a rigorous and accurate appraisal of the installation. During a recent site visit, our MCERTS inspectors carried out the following steps as part of their EDM inspection:

Aerobic vs Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment

Those involved in the industry will be familiar with both the aerobic and anaerobic approaches to wastewater treatment. In this explainer article, we walk through the differences, benefits and disadvantages of each methodology.


The Client Needs

Our brewery client had expressed an interested in developing their existing flow water monitoring system into a more comprehensive solution – including a potential sampler.

Work Completed

We carried out a site analysis of client requirements and suitability for the addition of a wastewater sampler within their final solution.

After identifying a suitable product and location we were able to specify, design and install an in-line sampler  suitable for their needs.


All testing and verification was completed on the final installation by our expert projects team. 



The Outcome

Our client is satisfied with their solution and now able to extract event more data about their wastewater to feed into their business information systems.

Product Shot

Product Shot

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At SIRIS we are driven by innovation and continuous improvement in our products and processes.  Flumes are no exception, with this component being an integral part of the SIRIS product portfolio and many flow monitoring system solutions. 



Flume Innovations

Our team has been listening hard to the ongoing needs of clients and modern-day flume requirements and we have consequently implemented two innovations to our range of flumes.

A New, Deeper Flume Option

During a routine post-installation verification check, one of our experienced project engineers quickly identified issues within this flow meter installation. It rapidly became apparent that the third-party contractor had not installed the meter correctly, meaning that incorrect measurements were pulling through to the data feed.

Our engineer was able to recognise that the Sensorprom (the part of the flow meter sensor that carries the unit calibration value) had not been installed correctly and had defaulted to factory settings. This included the incorrect bore size, the calibration (cal) factor and the excitation value.

During our initial response our engineer was able to adjust and reset the flow meter to the unique original Sensorprom characteristics. On adjustment the meter significantly changed its flow reading and this was checked against a secondary time of flight reference.



Boxed Flumes

We now offer our flumes in protective boxed packaging. This means that they are better protected against damage and the elements, as well as being kept secure during transit. 


The hardwearing purpose-built boxes protect the flumes against knocks and scratches and even have a built-in tarpaulin to allow safe storage on site in wet weather conditions.


Our SIRIS boxed flumes are available in a range of sizes and are in stock for immediate delivery.


We are encouraging our customers to return the boxes to SIRIS to be re-used and help reduce our environmental footprint. Instructions explaining how to arrange the return of the box are included in all shipments.

Lee, Project Engineer

We are always seeking to innovate and respond to our client needs.  These two new additions to our flumes range allow us to further improve our service offering to the market.  We are proud of our team here – there is a natural curiosity to investigate possible solutions and find new answers to existing challenges.  This is what helps us to stay at the forefront of our industry.”

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Jamie brings hands-on approach to SIRIS

Jamie Ward, 22 has joined the team at SIRIS as a Trainee Service & Calibration Engineer.

Working across a number of tasks and departments, Jamie will be assisting the Projects team on their flow monitoring work for a range of clients.

“I wanted a career that really allowed me to challenge myself both practically and mentally.  I have always preferred working in a physical environment, but wanted a career that would challenge me cognitively as well.  SIRIS is the perfect blend of theory and practicality – it is great being part of a team that is able to build solutions to client needs in this way – it is satisfying knowing you have been able to help someone.”


About Jamie:

After school Jamie initially pursued a career teaching PE in primary schools but after the pandemic interrupted his path he moved into working in local logistics from 2020-2022.  Jamie knew that a hands-on role where he was able to problem solve was suited to him and didn’t hesitate to apply when he saw the SIRIS role advertised.

What will Jamie be doing?

Initially Jamie has so far mainly been based at the North East headquarters, learning the workshop skills and training in the company processes.  There has also been the chance to head out to some client sites with different members of the team and, of course, the start of studying some of the complex calculations and equations that go into building flow monitoring systems.


There is a lot to absorb, but I am really enjoying learning lots of  new things.  The knowledge of the team is immense and I feel lucky that I am learning a trade with so much expertise and added value.  I can’t wait until I’m able to be out on site installing the solutions.”

Director Simon added,

“Jamie is a great addition to our SIRIS team.  He matches our values of Ambitious, Knowledgeable, Helpful and Approachable and has the right capability and attitude to be an integral part of the team here.  We’re looking forward to giving him a well-rounded introduction to the industry and the company and focusing on his development in the business.” 

Nick Richardson says…

“Our MCERTS-accredited venturi flumes are the universal choice for measuring in-flow to sewage treatment works. We offer a range of flumes in different sizes to suit a variety of applications – including smaller flumes which can be used for final effluent flow measurement or clean water discharge applications with low flow rates.”

Case Study: Finding the right flow monitoring solution for a National Park holiday resort


Flow Monitoring Solution for a National Park holiday resort

Our partner commercial drainage specialist Metro Mechanical asked for our help to find a suitable flow monitoring set-up that preserved the natural beauty of a unique National Park setting and provided the end customer with the flow data they needed.

The Challenge

The end customer was a holiday resort in a scenic location within the Lake District National Park. They process high volumes of waste and are charged by volume by the water company, however they didn’t have any way of measuring the amount they were using.


The project was further complicated by a lack of mains power to the remote site.

Alistair, SIRIS Projects

“The client needed a solution that not only provided accurate and reliable data provision, but was sympathetic to the aesthetics of the surrounding environment.”

The Solution

We designed and installed an electromagnetic battery-powered solution, which allowed the customer to monitor its flow data via the cloud without any power. Metro Mechanical built a chamber that allowed access to the flow meter, with a lid enabling it to blend into its scenic surroundings and avoid impacting the landscape.

The Result

We were able to provide a solution that not only ensured effective flow monitoring but also ensured the preservation of the natural beauty of the National Park setting. 

Data Logging Solution

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Case Study: Flow Meter Hire


Flow Meter Hire

We helped this contractor ensure their project was designed and installed within the correct parameters for the rate of flow within the sewage treatment works.

The Challenge

A UK contractor delivering a project at a sewage treatment works needed to better understand the rate of flow into the works, in order to ensure installations were designed and fitted to the right size and specification. 


The situation did not require a permanent installation, but a reliable solution that would give accurate data on the rate of flow into the sewage treatment works.

Alistair, SIRIS Projects

“It was vital that this client was able to build an accurate picture of the flow rate so that they could specify the correct works and installation for the end customer.  We worked quickly to bring them a solution that was not only reliable, but also delivered the data in a way that was easily understood and decisions could be made.”

The Solution

Our team worked with the contractor to understand requirements before proposing and installing a solution that comprised of time-of-flight meters on three lines within the works.  Pre-work included checking return pump flows to ensure adequate conditions within the pipe for the installation of the meters.   Adverse weather conditions meant that the sensors had to be adequately protected from the elements.  The meters were then calibrated and left to collect data over a number of weeks in order to build a reliable data picture of the rate of flow. Each flow meter was connected to data loggers, which then sent measurements to the cloud.

The Result

Key to success of this project was the client’s ability to view the data visually.  All SIRIS flow meter hires include remote access from any device to the data, which is not only available in its raw format, but also in pre-set and standardised visual formats that are easily understood by most stakeholders.   

The contractor was able to accurately understand the rate of flow throughout the works and therefore specify and install the correct solution for the end client.

Flow Meter Hire?

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