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0191 5131313 | hello@siris.co.uk

Nanocolor UV/Vis II and Vis II Spectrophotometers

The Nanocolor Vis II and UV/Vis II Spectrophotometers give you instant, on-site effluent discharge sample results, providing reliable and accurate data on your effluent analytes.

The UV/Vis II and Vis II spectrophotometers are the most comprehensive and advanced units within the Macherey-Nagel range and can analyse for the vast majority of consented parameters, including COD/BOD, pH, Nitrate, Nitrite, TN, Phosphate, Chlorine, Chromium, Surfactants, Hydrocarbon, Cyanides, Turbidity and many more. This makes them the ideal solution for when you have a number of trade effluent properties that must be monitored.

Easily check compliance of wastewater discharge in a matter of minutes

These comprehensive spectrophotometers require no specialist laboratory equipment and are simple to use directly on-site to check analyte levels within effluent samples at any point in time. 

Get an accurate picture of your wastewater analyte levels to help identify how well you are meeting parameters within your consent to discharge.  Fully portable, the testing requires no more than a pipette and with no lab lead times.  The data produced can help you instantly understand compliance and potential trade effluent costs, giving you vital information to feed into on-site processes and flows.  

Low maintenance, technically-reliable solution

Extensive quality control features, including f.o.c. inspection equipment monitoring, quality control functions such as standard measurements, multiple determinations and dilution series mean the NANOCOLOR® VIS II and NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS II offer user-friendly control options for efficient and exact internal quality control.

Check impact of process changes on effluent discharge levels

No need to wait for longer lab testing leadtimes, the Nanocolor Vis II and Nanocolor VIS II/UV give instant, on-site results for the times you need to quickly understand impact on site effluent discharge.

Changes to elements such as products and on-site process can all impact on the quality and analyte levels within trade effluent – even seasonal temperature changes can bring changes to results.  Instantly see the impact of site variations with your own sampling equipment.

Easy-to-use with full support

With full support from partners Esslabs and Machery Nagel, the SIRIS team are there to help you make the right choice of sampling equipment for your site.

The Machery-Nagel-produced NANOCOLOR® VIS II and NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS II are the perfect balance of high-tech sampling ability coupled with outstanding usability.  Software-compatible with tablets and smartphones and with a clear, high-res icon-led touch screen the spectrophotometers feature intuitive interfaces that are able to connect easily to laboratory information systems (LIMS) using LAN, RS 232, and USB. 

Our expert team at SIRIS are able to advise on set-up of your sampling system and how they can be used alongside the spectrophotometers, with Esslabs and Machery-Nagel providing ongoing technical and aftersales support.