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0191 5131313 | hello@siris.co.uk

Open Channel Flow Metering

Wastewater effluent flow meters, including open channel flow measurement devices, are essential for the accurate measurement of your trade effluent discharge in order to comply with the Environment Agency’s Monitoring Certification Scheme (MCERTS).

Flow meters measure the rate of flow going through both enclosed and open pipe applications. SIRIS offers a range of highly accurate MCERTS-approved flow meter and can help you choose the right type for your site, depending on the requirements set out in your consent to discharge. There are several different types of wastewater effluent flow meters to suit a variety of different applications, including a range of open channel flow meters. At SIRIS, we take an individual approach to every site to ensure we provide a robust solution that is guaranteed to meet all regulatory requirements, including BS/ISO 6817, BS/ISO 1438 and BS/ISO 4359.


Open channel flow meters operate using radar or ultrasonic technology, whereby a signal is pinged to the surface of the liquid that is being measured. The equipment’s sensor is then able to calculate both the level and speed (velocity) of flow and, combined with the specific data relating to the primary device (weir/flume) it is then able to calculate the flow rate.

SIRIS MCERTS-certified ultrasonic open channel flow measurement devices offer an accurate and reliable solution for measuring flow rate through open channels 

Our Open Channel Radar Flow Meters are the quality-proven and Mcerts-approved Vegapuls models. Used for non-contact level measurement of liquids and bulk solids, the sensors measure both light and heavy bulk solids with absolute reliability

A SIRIS area velocity flow meter for effluent water allow for continuous testing of open channel flow without the need for a flume or weir and offer a solution for sites where cost, time or access are an issue.