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Nanocolor Compact Photometer PF-12 Plus

The Nanocolor Compact Photometer PF-12 Plus is the ideal hand-held device for instant wastewater sampling analysis.

Reliable, mobile and versatile, the PF-12 Plus compact photometer comes with over 100 pre-programmed methods for water and wastewater analysis.  Exceptional usability, including icon-based menus and an easy-to-understand task bar mean it can be used by personnel without the need for extensive training.  

This Nanocolor photometer can be used to evaluate VISOCOLOR® ECO, VISOCOLOR® Powder Pillows, NANOCOLOR® ECO and NANOCOLOR® tube tests. 


Turbidity measurements

With its especially positioned 860 nm LED the PF‑12 Plus enables nephelometric turbidity measurements (NTU) in the range of 1–1000 NTU. Therefore, disturbing turbidities will be detected reliably in parallel to a measurement of tube tests . Furthermore, the PF‑12 Plus can accurately determine the turbidity in transmitted light from 4–350 FAU.

Quick and accurate wastewater analysis with immediate results

Equipped with more than 100 preprogrammed methods, the PF12 Plus is the ideal companion for analysis on the road. It comes with easy-to-understand pictogram instructions for the checking of analyte levels within effluent samples at any point in time. 

With a range of testing options and pre-programmed tests, you can get an immediate picture of your wastewater analyte levels and understand how well you are meeting parameters within your consent to discharge.  The fully mobile device gives data to help you instantly understand compliance and potential trade effluent costs, giving you vital information to feed into on-site processes and flows without long lab lead times.


The device comes in a rugged case, equipped with useful accessories and is therefore particularly popular with users for the direct analysis at the point of sampling.  

Pre-programmed and customisable testing methods

In addition to the preprogrammed methods, you can also create up to 50 special methods for customised applications with the PF‑12 Plus. Equations up to 4th degree and logarithmic functions can be programmed systematically.

Compatible with various tests

The PF12 Plus is compatible with a number of pre-determined tests that can be easily and quickly applied within the device.

VISOCOLOR® ECO Colorimetric VISOCOLOR® ECO tests consist of single reagents, which allow compensation of turbidity and colour of water samples. This allows high sensitivity and accuracy to be achieved. 


VISOCOLOR® Powder Pillows are photometric tests that combine easiest dosing of reagents with photometric precision. Each VISOCOLOR® Powder Pillow contains the exact amount of reagents needed for a determination. The individually-packaged portions not only stand out due to their very long shelf life, but also avoid the use of hazardous substances wherever possible.


NANOCOLOR® ECO reagent kits are convenient and flexible tests for photometric analysis. The tests are performed and measured in 16 mm cuvettes.


NANOCOLOR® tube tests give precise rapid tests for photometric water analysis.  Accurate measurement is guaranteed with the precise pre-dosed reagents in 16 mm cuvettes, plus additional reagents. The tests are pre-programmed in the PF-12 Plus photometer.


All NANOCOLOR® tube tests are delivered in sturdy, UV-resistant boxes, with easy removal of test tubes and reagents.

Check impact of process changes on effluent discharge levels

No need to wait for longer lab testing leadtimes, the Nanocolor PF12 Plus Photometer gives instant, on-site results for the times you need to quickly understand impact on site effluent discharge.

Changes to elements such as products and on-site process can all impact on the quality and analyte levels within trade effluent – even seasonal temperature changes can bring changes to results.  Instantly see the impact of site variations with your own sampling equipment.


Easy-to-use with full support

With full support from partners Esslabs and Machery Nagel, the SIRIS team are there to help you make the right choice of sampling equipment for your site.

The Machery-Nagel-produced Nanocolor Compact Photometer PF-12 produces GLP-conformed data, stored after each measurement, which can be transferred conveniently to the PC via the NANOCOLOR® data export software and evaluated within PC-standard software. Safety Data Sheet here.


Our expert team at SIRIS are able to advise on set-up of your sampling system and how they can be used alongside the spectrophotometers, with Esslabs and Machery-Nagel providing ongoing technical and aftersales support.