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Flow Metering

Wastewater effluent flow meters are essential for the accurate effluent flow measurement of your trade effluent discharge in order to comply with the Environment Agency’s Monitoring Certification Scheme (MCERTS). Wastewater effluent flow measurement is a legal requirement for many organisations that produce potentially harmful wastewater emissions and have received notification of this within their discharge to consent, companies including those such as food factories, chemical engineering works and manufacturing facilities. These businesses must measure the flow of their trade effluent using specialist equipment and systems. At a certain volume of effluent, this equipment must be certified and approved by the Environment Agency’s Monitoring Certification Scheme (MCERTS).

Depending on the specific business type and requirements, effluent flow may be measured on either an instantaneous or continuous basis, each of which requires careful specification of equipment. At SIRIS, our experienced approach to effluent flow measurement allows us to specify and develop robust and reliable measurement systems, using technical combinations of our MCERTS-approved products including weirs, flumes and flow meters.

Our comprehensive approach allows you to take the right decisions for your effluent flow measurement system, ensuring accurate data and cost-efficiency for your business.

Wastewater Effluent Flow Meters Primary Elements

Within your trade effluent discharge to consent there will be precise equipment specified that you must use measure your trade effluent discharge, which may include weirs and/or flumes.

At SIRIS we offer a range MCERTS-certified flumes and weirs that satisfy a range of British Standards including BS/ISO 1438, BS/ISO 4359 and BS/ISO 6817. Flumes are used for both open flow measurement and storm water overspill flow control, commonly measuring the in-flow to sewage treatment works.


When you invest in a SIRIS flume, you can be assured that our products are designed to fit into both new or existing rectangular channels. We also offer standard-sized small flumes which can be used for final trade effluent flow measurement or clean water discharge applications, where the flow rates are significantly low and would often require alternative flow measurement systems to be applied.


Thin plate weirs are used for to measure flow of industrial trade effluent to water authority sewers and final effluent discharge to Environment Agency-controlled waters such as rivers and streams. Our reliable and reinforced weir tanks can be used for both above and below ground applications and are all pre-calibrated within our specialist premises and equipment to ensure compliance with required standards such as MCERTS and BS/ISO 1438.


At SIRIS we offer a range MCERTS-certified flumes and weirs that satisfy a range of British Standards including BS/ISO 1438, BS/ISO 4359 and BS/ISO 6817

Weir Tanks

Weir tanks are ideal to provide both cost-effective and accurate flow measurements, using the technology of placing a fixed obstruction within the flow of effluent.

Thin-plate Weirs

Our SIRIS thin plate weir range comes to fit standard sizes, including v-notch and rectangular weirs. 

Secondary Elements

Wastewater effluent flow meters are essential for the accurate measurement of your trade effluent discharge in order to comply with the Environment Agency’s Monitoring Certification Scheme (MCERTS). Flow meters measure the rate of flow going through both enclosed and open pipe applications. SIRIS offer a range of highly accurate MCERTS-approved flow meter and can help…

open channel flow measurement devices

Open-Channel Flow Metering

SIRIS MCERTS-certified ultrasonic open channel flow measurement devices offer an accurate and reliable solution for measuring flow rate through open channels

wastewater effluent flow meters

Closed Pipe Flow Meters

Our closed-pipe flow measurement devices are ideally suited to restricted applications and include both electromagnetic and clamp on meter devices.

Wastewater Effluent Flow Meters Measurement Extras

In addition to our comprehensive range of flumes, weirs and flow meters, we also offer various flow measurement extras designed to improve the accuracy and reliability of your wastewater measurement system.

Environmental factors such as temperature and weather conditions can impact the accuracy of certain flow meters which are exposed to the elements, so we offer sun shades which are designed to provide a consistent environment for measurement. Another common issue we see during MCERTS inspections is sediment build-up, which compromises the accuracy of the measurements being taken. We recommend regular cleaning of your flumes and weirs to avoid this and our hygiene kits provide a convenient and affordable solution.

wastewater effluent flow measurement

Sun Shades

Sun shades improve accuracy and reliability in flow measurement readings. SIRIS has developed a robust and cost effective sun shade system designed to fit all major commercially available sensors, including Siemens, Pulsar and Mobrey.

Target Reference Plates

Effluent flow target reference plates allow you to correctly reference the level measurement of your open channel flow measurement system in accordance with MCERTS requirement

Hygiene Kits

Our effluent flow meter hygiene kits allow you to maintain your channel in between servicing, ensuring it is working efficiently and providing cost-effective results