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Case Study: Finding the right flow monitoring solution for a National Park holiday resort


Flow Monitoring Solution for a National Park holiday resort

Our partner commercial drainage specialist Metro Mechanical asked for our help to find a suitable flow monitoring set-up that preserved the natural beauty of a unique National Park setting and provided the end customer with the flow data they needed.

The Challenge

The end customer was a holiday resort in a scenic location within the Lake District National Park. They process high volumes of waste and are charged by volume by the water company, however they didn’t have any way of measuring the amount they were using.


The project was further complicated by a lack of mains power to the remote site.

Alistair, SIRIS Projects

“The client needed a solution that not only provided accurate and reliable data provision, but was sympathetic to the aesthetics of the surrounding environment.”

The Solution

We designed and installed an electromagnetic battery-powered solution, which allowed the customer to monitor its flow data via the cloud without any power. Metro Mechanical built a chamber that allowed access to the flow meter, with a lid enabling it to blend into its scenic surroundings and avoid impacting the landscape.

The Result

We were able to provide a solution that not only ensured effective flow monitoring but also ensured the preservation of the natural beauty of the National Park setting. 

Data Logging Solution

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