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Ultrasonic Flow Meters for Partially Filled Pipes

Achieve accurate flow rates with only partially filled pipes

The new SIRIS Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Partially Filled Pipes allows accurate measurement of flow even with when a pipe does not run full.

With no less than 10 sensors distributed across the entire cross section you can be assured of the reliability and accuracy of your data.

Suitable for a number of applications

The contamination-resistant system is suitable for water, rainwater, sewage and raw sewage, as well as biologically- and chemically-contaminated wastewater, even in the instance of fluid with variable conductivity.

  • Stormwater Overflow
  • Wastewater Treatment Works
  • Sewer & Wastewater Flows
  • Water
  • Rainwater
  • Wastewater
  • Raw wastewater
  • Biologically- and chemically-contaminated wastewater

Quick and easy assembly

Available with or without flanges, the flow meter is clamped between two pipes with bolts / threaded rods.  The versatile measuring device comes pre-calibrated and wet-tested, meaning only on-site testing is required. 

Available in a range of sizes

The system is available in various nominal sizes from DN150mm to DN1200mm and is highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals. All relevant parts have ATEX approval (Zone 1).

  • Measures even the lowest filling levels reliably
  • Can be used in partially-filled pipes across water and wastewater industries
  • Available from DN150mm to DN1200mm
  • Dirt-resistant system
  • Highly resistant to abrasives and chemicals
  • Copes with variability in the electrical conductivity of the fluid
  • Measures from 26.1mm filling height
  • Contamination monitoring and reporting
  • Transparent measurement chain from raw values to flow calculation
  • Does not have to be calibrated on site, as comes pre-calibrated and wet-tested
  • Robust construction
  • IP 66(IP 67 in preparation)
  • ATEX Zone 1
  • Power supply 24 V DC

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