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PLEASE READ: Working with you during the coronavirus pandemic.                                       At SIRIS we provide professional services for the specification, supply and inspection of products for effluent flow sampling, effluent flow measurement and MCERT inspections. With over 30 years in the industry, our team of MCERTS qualified inspectors save our customers time and money with reliable and robust effluent flow sampling and measurement solutions. Download our brochure.

SIRIS celebrates 30 years of providing wastewater monitoring solutions

We're delighted to celebrate 30 years of providing high quality wastewater monitoring solutions - and look to the future with our fresh new image and website. There has been a huge amount of growth and change since our founder Nick Richardson set up SIRIS as a sole trader 30 years ago. However our ethos and commitment to providing high quality wastewater monitoring solutions to our customers has remained at the core of what we do. Over the last three decades we have built a solid reputation across the UK and we're proud to count the likes of Northumbrian Water, Yorkshire…

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Guide to: Consent to discharge trade effluent

Do you think your business might need consent to discharge trade effluent? Navigating your responsibilities can be confusing. Our guide answers some frequently asked questions about consent to discharge and the steps your business needs to take.¬† What is trade effluent? Trade effluent is any liquid waste your business discharges to the UK's water ways…

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What is the CSA Group?

If you've been researching your trade effluent discharge requirements, you'll likely have come across the CSA Group. But what does the CSA Group actually do and how can it help you? CSA Group (formerly Canadian Standards Association) develops certification compliance standards in a range of areas. It provides a number of services worldwide and is…

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Is SIRA test and certification the same as MCERTS?

If you've been researching your effluent discharge permit requirements, you've probably come across the terms "SIRA Test and Certification", CSA Group,¬†Environment Agency and SCS, among others. But what are all of these terms and what do they have to do with MCERTS? Who are SIRA? SIRA originally started within the British optics industry in 1918,…

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