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0191 5131313 | hello@siris.co.uk

Do It Once, Do It Right

We take the time to understand your exact requirements so that your flow system does the job it needs to.

We strive to increase the accuracy of your wastewater monitoring and reporting, reduce cost implications of trade effluent and reduce your water usage footprint through careful analysis and planning.

Our final system recommendation will guarantee compliance, sustainability and accurate reporting, as well as enabling consistency between stakeholders and third-parties within the operations. 

We have a standard range of flumes and weir chambers held in stock and flow systems can be supplied within as short a time as 7 days from receiving an order.

Your Legal Obligations

If your business plans to discharge anything over domestic waste connected to a public sewer, then you will likely need to obtain consent from your local water company before doing so.

Within the “consent to discharge trade effluent” (link to that cornerstone page) will be the conditions and limitations of your permission to discharge. Failure to comply with these conditions and limits can result in prosecution.  Your consent will also detail any equipment you must install to measure and monitor the flow. If the effluent is to be discharged into the sewer system, then you will be required to install and maintain the equipment and will likely be required to submit regular readings to calculate your bills.


The first step in specifying and installing a suitable system is to understand these legal obligations. Our team will carry out a comprehensive understanding of your consent documentation.

Your Site Environment

Working within your site topography, structure, budgets and limitations.

Each site is individual to the business we are working with. This could be the channels through which flow is discharged (e.g. closed pipe or open water), the budgetary limitations and the structure and team of the site itself. We carry out a site visit and stakeholder meetings to ensure all of this is taken into consideration of any specified flow installation.

MCERTS Certification

Your Data Requirements

Who needs the numbers, how and when?

One site can involve many internal and external stakeholders, each of whom may need flow data for different reasons. For example, H&S may require environmental impact calculations, accounts may require KPIs/cost calculations and Ops may be looking for stats around plant efficiency.


Our cloud-based data monitoring systems (link to the data page) are built around your users’ needs, your site’s existing telemetry and your data is accessible through any device via secure user log-ins. Our

Our approach

Guaranteed Compliance Through Value-led Solutions

Our team has the expertise, experience and know-how to take your requirements and site specifics and translate these into a fit-for-purpose solution that will guarantee compliance and seek value efficiency wherever possible.

Understand the requirements

The first step in ensuring an efficient and compliant effluent flow system is understanding your requirements. As well as taking time to map out your site environment, your data requirements and your legal obligations, we also use this initial phase to identify your personal goals for the system. This approach ensures not only a fit-for-purpose system, but one that can bring added value to the business.

Liaise with stakeholders

Many individuals and departments are reliant on a site's effluent flow monitoring system. Accounts, Environmental, H&S and Operations can all be impacted by the quality of data being supplied. Working with these stakeholders is part of our project team remit.

Select and source best possible system for needs

Our equipment (link to products page) is all fully MCerts compliant and we guarantee that we will deliver a flow monitoring system that meets your compliance requirements. Your recommended installation is specified and presented to you by our team, with full transparency of costings, timescales and areas of note.

Commission & test

Our in-house team of engineers personally oversee the selection and delivery of your equipment, as well as providing guidance and support for your installation team every step of the way. We possess the team and specialist equipment (link to equipment page) to fully calibrate and test your system to ensure full compliance and data accuracy.

Support and aftercare

Our relationship with our clients continues way beyond installation. In accordance with our Service Promise, we provide routine service and calibration checks that comply with Environment Agency requirements and ensure ongoing accurate flow measurement data in accordance with MCERT requirements: minimum requirements for the self-monitoring of flow section 4.10 — Maintenance and section 4.13 — Verification.

Case study

Delivering £170k reduction in wasterwater discharge costs for food processing client

We introduced an accurate, reliable system to produce the data needed to understand effluent flow levels.

In a 6-monthly MCERTS inspection for this North West based food processing plant, inspectors had highlighted that an incumbent, older wastewater monitoring system was likely to be producing inaccurate data.

MCERTS Certification

Products & Services

We offer a range of services across wastewater sampling, flow measurement and analysing equipment.

Data is the crucial output of all flow systems. We provide an agile, cloud-based solution for accessing and downloading your data.

Including both open-channel and closed-pipe solutions, our MCERTS compliant flow meters come in a range of sizes and specs.

We carry a range of data-accurate and compliant samplers within our flow installation solutions.

We carry a range of data-accurate and compliant samplers within our flow installation solutions.

Our team of in-house flow engineers can reliably service and calibrate your flow systems to ensure complete accuracy and efficiency.

Our team of in-house flow engineers can reliably service and calibrate your flow systems to ensure complete accuracy and efficiency.

Including PH, temperature and turbidity monitors, our analysing equipment has a range of monitoring solutions for your requirements.

For short-term solutions and projects, we supply flow meters for your requirements.