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We recently visited the ABB factory to learn more about their flow meters.

ABB manufactures and supplies a range of flow meters for wastewater monitoring.  We recently had the chance to visit their factory to learn more about their electromagnetic enclosed pipe flow meters.

We started the day in the classroom before viewing calibration test rigs on the drop test machine and large-scale outdoor testing rig.  We then revisited the science behind electromagnetic flow meters while learning about the different ABB specifications. This was followed by a tour of their production area to see how the electromagnetic enclosed pipe flow meters are physically manufactured from scratch.  We were delighted to see the personal attention to detail during the production of every product and the careful quality checks and calibration. 

We were able to delve deeper into the Watermaster, a reduced-bore flow meter, and the Aquamaster, a battery-powered flow meter.  Specifically we learned that:

  • The ABB ‘FEV’ octagonal bored sensor (which carries MCERTS) requires 0 downstream approach, compared to the usual 2X downstream required for circular bores
  • The sensors should not only be earthed, but also earthed and bonded

Special thanks to our site contact Simon Hatch for arranging the visit, our team found the day invaluable and had a great time.

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