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What is MCERTS

The Environment Agency MCERTS (Monitoring Certification Scheme)  provides a framework of standards for the safe monitoring of liquid flow, such as trade or sewage effluent.

Compliance with MCERTS ensures that everybody involved in the measurement of liquid flow is working towards the same standards and is providing accurate emissions information to the Environment Agency.


The regulation covers areas such as product and personnel certification, as well as the quality of inspections.

Environment agency Mcerts

When is MCERTS required?

Organisations which have effluent flow monitoring as a requirement of their permit and discharge to a river, small watercourse, or the sea must monitor the volume of effluent they discharge. The license holder (discharger) must measure the discharge of effluent from the site with an uncertainty of better than +/- 8% of the daily volume.


This applies to large sewage treatment works, and installations which come under the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) with effluent monitoring specified in their permits. This includes discharge to a public sewer.


You are required to have your site inspected by an inspector under the MCERTS Self-Monitoring of Effluent Flow Scheme. If your flow monitoring arrangements meet the Environment Agency’s MCERTS requirements and you can demonstrate satisfactory maintenance procedures then you can apply to for an MCERTS Site Conformity Inspection Certificate.

How does it work?

There are three stages to obtaining MCERTS certification:


  • The flow measurement installation must be inspected by a certified inspector, who will issue a conformance report provided the installation meets the performance criteria
  • The license holder’s QMS (Quality Management System) must be audited by an approved auditor who will confirm it meets performance requirements and issue a conformance report
    The two reports are then submitted and an Environment Agency MCERTS Compliance Certificate issued
  • Certification is valid for five years after which the installation is re-inspected. The QMS is subject to periodic surveillance audits during the five-year period.

Our MCERTS services

SIRIS offers an MCERTS compliance guarantee, giving you the peace of mind that any installation we design, supply and install is guaranteed to meet the requirements for certification.


A “one stop shop” solution

Our holistic approach ensures we deliver a flow measurement system that is appropriate to the nature of effluent discharge and is inspected by a third party inspector and approved QMS auditor, as well as issuing your final conformance certificate.


Inspectors at SIRIS Flow Inspections Ltd can provide routine service and calibration checks that comply with Environment Agency requirements and ensure ongoing accurate flow measurement data in accordance with MCERT requirements: minimum requirements for the self-monitoring of flow section 4.10 — Maintenance and section 4.13 — Verification.


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