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Introduction to flow meters and monitoring effluent:  Including the ultrasonic flow meter, clamp on flow meter and electromagnetic flow meter

Effluent flow meters are crucial instruments in industrial and environmental settings, providing accurate measurement and monitoring of wastewater discharge. Most UK businesses subject to consent to discharge permit requirements will be required to record and submit the volume and quality of the wastewater they are producing – and will require a wastewater flow meter of some description for this purpose.

Introduction to Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Clamp on ultrasonic flow meters are a type of flow meter used in various industrial applications, including effluent flow monitoring. Read our guide to understand their uses, working methodology, benefits and limitations.

Aerobic vs Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment

Those involved in the industry will be familiar with both the aerobic and anaerobic approaches to wastewater treatment. In this explainer article, we walk through the differences, benefits and disadvantages of each methodology.