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Guide to: SIRIS Efconomy wastewater sampler

The SIRIS Efconomy wastewater sampler offers a highly reliable wastewater sampling solution favoured by businesses and water companies alike. In this guide we’re explaining what a sampler is, how it works and how to correctly use and maintain your unit.

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What is a wastewater sampler?

Wastewater samplers are designed to automatically collect samples of wastewater/trade effluent. Many businesses are required to carry out wastewater sampling as part of their Consent to Discharge permit requirements.

In our view, an automatic sampler is the most accurate and reliable way to meet sampling requirements. Our wastewater sampler of choice is the MCERTS-approved SIRIS Efconomy, a robust refrigerated unit that allows for automatic wastewater sampling.

How do they work?

In simple terms, wastewater samplers work by sucking wastewater via a hose at regular pre-programmed intervals. A mechanical distribution arm rotates between a number of bottles to distribute the samples.

A thermoplastic unit keeps the samples at the optimum temperature. This is important as effluent contains Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), which must be kept cold in order to be effectively measured.

The sampler is connected to the site’s wider flow measurement system and can function either independently or as part of a PLC/SCADA system.

Types of wastewater sampler

The SIRIS Efconomy sampler comes in two variations: vacuum and inline guillotine. The type of unit you require will depend on your flow measurement system and it’s essential you choose the correct one. Our team is always on hand to offer support and guidance to make sure you opt for the right type of unit for your site.


Vacuum samplers are suitable for open channel applications and use suction to collect the sample.

Key features:

  • Above ground mounting
  • Well known measurement principle
  • Self-protection against solids
  • Constant sampling at different suction heights
  • Suction hose must be placed at turbulent spot


InLine Guillotine

Inline guillotine samplers are designed for use with a horizontal or vertical access pipeline (closed pipe applications).

Key features:

  • Simple system
  • Pneumatic actuator for heavy duty applications
  • Suitable for raw sewage and sludge sampling
  • Minimal maintenance

SIRIS inline samplers are available in several different varieties, depending on the application, including options for standard, sludge, high pressure and hot service sampling. You can download a guide to the different attachments here.

Maintaining your wastewater sampler

Wastewater samplers require regular cleaning to ensure continued accuracy of results – this is especially true for vacuum samplers which have sensors that must be kept clear. A lack of maintenance can cause several issues, including missed samples, damage to the unit itself and most importantly, inaccurate results.

Not only does it make the sampler unpleasant to work with, allowing parts such as the level detection pins to become dirty causes conductivity issues where they are unable to detect effluent and will continue to allow the jar to fill, resulting in overflow which can cause serious damage to the pump and internal electronics.

Our wastewater samplers are designed to be maintained easily, without the need for a technician to come out to site. Read our guide to cleaning your vacuum sampler.


Bottle systems are available in configurations of 2, 4, 12 and 24, depending on your requirements. The 2 and 4 options are used for daily composite sampling while 12 or 24 bottle systems tend to be used when locating process faults in the discharge.

You can find out more about our bottle options here.

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SIRIS data monitoring solutions

At SIRIS, we offer a unique bespoke data monitoring system that can be installed alongside your wastewater sampler. This is a useful tool as it can alert you to any anomalies – such as a failed sample – without the unit needing to be attended by personnel.

Find out more

Our team of experts have years’ of experience in specifying and installing wastewater sampling systems to suit individual customer needs. We encourage you to get in touch to find out how we can help with your unique requirements on hello@siris.co.uk

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