Wastewater Bottle Options

Water quality monitoring and sampling equipment should include a wide choice of sample-storage bottle configurations tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Options for collecting composite samples range from a single 20-litre container to 24-bottle system.

A twin bottle automatic self-cleaning and draining system is also available to minimise operator intervention.

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Multiple options available

Both SIRIS MCERTS accredited vacuum and in-line wastewater samplers are supplied with a single 15L collection vessel as standard. As the units are based on the same model, bottle options can be easily supplied to fit into the main sample area to ensure accurate water quality monitoring and sampling equipment for your needs.

Bottle systems are available in configurations of 2, 4, 12 and 24, depending on your requirements. The 2 and 4 options are used for daily composite sampling while 12 or 24 bottle systems tend to be used when locating process faults in the discharge.


Minimal operator intervention

To keep the level of operator intervention to a minimum, the wastewater sampler can be specified using a twin bottle self-cleaning and self-emptying arrangement.

This water quality monitoring and sampling equipment system means the previous 24 hours’ composite sample is always available for collection should the charging authority make a spot visit to the site. The sample collection vessel is automatically emptied and cleaned after 24 hours.

Nick Richardson says...

“We know that every site is different and your sampling requirements will vary, so we offer a range of wastewater bottle options to ensure you are able to comply with your consent to discharge requirements and sample at the level you need.”

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