InLine Sampler

The SIRIS guillotine inline sampler is specifically designed to provide reliable effluent sampling to businesses using an enclosed pipe system and is guaranteed to meet regulatory requirements including MCERTS and BS/ISO 5667.

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Designed for enclosed pipe systems

The SIRIS guillotine inline sampler is designed for applications which require sampling from an enclosed pipe system or conduit source.

Although it is built on the same module as the SIRIS vacuum sampler and includes the same features, this unit is specially designed for in-line, closed pipe sampling applications.

The guillotine head unit simply fixed onto the pipeline and draws its sample directly from the live pipe.

The guillotine can sample from a pressurised line and is often used with an electromagnetic flow meter to sample on a flow proportional basis.


Robust and reliable

Designed for harsh conditions, the patented dual-wall enclosure with built-in refrigeration ensures an extremely robust unit – giving you peace of mind that your results will not be compromised or impacted by extreme weather.

Accurate & reliable data

SIRIS Guillotine Inline Sampler units carry MCERTS accreditation so you can be confident that the data provided is reliable and accurate.

Our wastewater samplers are trusted by a range of businesses producing trade and industrial effluent, including packaging and water treatment plants, waste and recycling facilities, along with municipal water authorities.

All SIRIS products are compatible with our web-based data recording software, which allows quick and easy access to your data at any time – from any location.

Design & installation

We pride ourselves in offering a bespoke service to all of our clients. Our design and installation process ensures we provide you with a cost-effective solution tailored to suit your site’s individual requirements.When you first contact SIRIS, our friendly team will be on hand to take your enquiry and assess your needs. We know that every site has different requirements, so we’ll work closely with you to understand your individual needs.

Compatibility with site systems

All SIRIS products can be used with our data monitoring software, Palette, however they are also compatible with your existing SCADA system. Our expert team is committed to working in partnership with our customers to meet their individual requirements and ensure our products fit seamlessly into each site.

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Nick Richardson says...

“Although the SIRIS in-line wastewater sampler is based on the popular Efconomy vacuum model, this sampler is specially adapted to suit closed pipe applications. Like the original, it’s fully MCERTS-compliant and simple to use.”

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