MCERTS Vacuum Wastewater Sampler

The SIRIS Efconomy refrigerated multi-bottle open channel vacuum wastewater sampler is our most popular wastewater sampler and is trusted by both water authorities and industrial customers across the UK and Europe. Like all SIRIS products, it has been designed with long-term, reliable sampling in mind and is an extremely robust unit.

MCERTS compliant

The SIRIS Efconomy wastewater sampler is MCERTS-approved, so you can be confident you are complying with Environment Agency requirements, as well as BS/ISO 5667. Click the download button to view the Product Conformity Certificate issued by Sira Certification Service on behalf of the Environment Agency.


Cost-effective solution for standard applications

Open channel vacuum wastewater samplers are designed for testing wastewater in open channel applications. The MCERTS-certified Efconomy unit is designed to provide reliable long-term effluent sampling and features standard parts, a patented thermoplastic enclosure and multiple bottle options.

Accurate & reliable data

SIRIS wastewater sampler units carry MCERTS accreditation so you can be confident that the data provided is reliable and accurate.

Our wastewater samplers are trusted by a range of businesses producing trade and industrial effluent, including packaging and water treatment plants, waste and recycling facilities, along with municipal water authorities.

All SIRIS products are compatible with our web-based data recording software, which allows quick and easy access to your data at any time – from any location.

Multiple bottle options available

Bottle systems are available in configurations of 2, 4, 12 and 24, depending on your requirements. The 2 and 4 options are best suited for daily composite sampling while 12 or 24 bottle systems tend to be used when locating process faults in the discharge. You can read more about our bottle options here.

Design & installation

We pride ourselves in offering a bespoke service to all of our clients. Our design and installation process ensures we provide you with a cost-effective solution tailored to suit your site’s individual requirements.

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Compatibility with site systems

All SIRIS products can be used with our data monitoring software, Palette, however they are also compatible with your existing SCADA system. Our expert team is committed to working in partnership with our customers to meet their individual requirements and ensure our products fit seamlessly into each site.

Nick Richardson says...

“The SIRIS Efconomy wastewater sampler is an extremely popular and robust sampling solution. There are several different bottle options available, so it’s completely adaptable to suit your needs.”

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