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What is the CSA Group?

If you’ve been researching your trade effluent discharge requirements, you’ll likely have come across the CSA Group. But what does the CSA Group actually do and how can it help you?

CSA Group (formerly Canadian Standards Association) develops certification compliance standards in a range of areas. It provides a number of services worldwide and is the UK’s provider of the MCERTS environmental certification scheme under SCS (Sira Certification Service).

What’s the difference between CSA and SCS?

SCS, more commonly known as Sira, is the EU Notified Body for ATEX approvals, IECEx and MCERTS certification. CSA acquired SCS in 2009. The two entities became fully integrated in 2015 when they formed CSA Group Testing UK Ltd.

How can the CSA Group help you with MCERTS?

CSA Group is the awarding body for MCERTS

CSA (under SCS) is the UK’s only MCERTS certification awarding body and issues certificates to businesses which are required to be compliant by the Environment Agency.

SIRIS is one of the few UK companies appointed by CSA to deliver MCERTS services under the guidelines laid out in the Environment Agency’s minimum requirements for the self-monitoring of flow.

Our CSA certified inspectors are qualified to carry out site inspections and system audits. Once these checks have been successfully completed you will receive MCERTS certificate which is valid for five years.

CSA also provides MCERTS certification for waste water monitoring products. We guarantee that any system we design and install will meet these standards.