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What are MCERTS approved products?

As well as providing MCERTS inspection services, we also stock a range of MCERTS approved products, including flow meters and wastewater samplers.


But what are MCERTS approved products, and why do you still need MCERTS inspections if you already use certified products as part of your wastewater monitoring system? Our guide answers these questions.


CSA Group is the awarding body for MCERTS


What is MCERTS?

A quick refresher if you’re new to the world of MCERTS:

MCERTS refers to the Environment Agency’s Monitoring Certification Scheme (MCERTS), which provides a framework of standards for the safe monitoring of liquid flow, such as trade or sewage effluent. Compliance with MCERTS ensures that everybody involved in the measurement of liquid flow is working towards the same standards and is providing accurate emissions information to the Environment Agency. The regulation covers areas such as product and personnel certification, as well as the quality of inspections.


If you want to learn more about MCERTS, check out some of our other guides.


Who certifies MCERTS approved products?

The CSA Group is responsible for certification standards across a range of areas and operate internationally across a wealth of countries. Within the UK, among many other areas of certification, it delivers the MCERTS scheme, under the SIRA name.


According to CSA, the MCERTS product certification scheme provides the mechanism for the certification of products according to Environment Agency performance standards, which are based on relevant CEN, ISO and national standards.


MCERTS is a mark of quality, giving consumers the confidence that the products they are using are fully compliant with Environment Agency standards.


So why do I still need inspections if my equipment is MCERTS approved?

Ensuring the equipment you are using is MCERTS certified is just one part of complying with the Environment Agency’s standards. In fact, MCERTS covers everything from equipment performance standards, the level your staff must be qualified to and accreditations of the people carrying out your site inspections.


Your wastewater monitoring equipment must meet the required standard, however it is still your responsibility to choose an appropriate monitoring system and ensure it is installed correctly. Sites with consent to discharge permits are required to host regular inspections (at least every five years) to make sure their monitoring system is performing within the stipulations of their permit.


As qualified MCERTS inspectors, we can take responsibility for this entire process – from specifying a flow measurement system that best suits your requirements and is compliant with your consent to discharge permit and installing it to Environment Agency standards, to carrying out regular site inspections to ensure ongoing compliance.


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