Trade Effluent Flumes and Weirs

Within your trade effluent discharge to consent there will be precise equipment specified that you must use measure your trade effluent discharge, which may include weirs and/or flumes. At SIRIS we offer a range MCERTS-certified flumes and weirs that satisfy a range of British Standards including BS/ISO 1438, BS/ISO 4359 and BS/ISO 6817. Flumes are used for both open flow measurement and storm water overspill flow control, commonly measuring the in-flow to sewage treatment works.  When you invest in a SIRIS flume, you can be assured that our products are designed to fit into both new or existing rectangular channels.  We also offer standard-sized small flumes which can be used for final trade effluent flow measurement or clean water discharge applications, where the flow rates are significantly low and would often require alternative flow measurement systems to be applied. Thin plate weirs are used for to measure flow of industrial trade effluent to water authority sewers and final effluent discharge to Environment Agency-controlled waters such as rivers and streams. Our reliable and reinforced weir tanks can be used for both above and below ground applications and are all pre-calibrated within our specialist premises and equipment to ensure compliance with required standards such as MCERTS and BS/ISO 1438.