Effluent Flow Measurement

Wastewater effluent flow measurement is a legal requirement for many organisations that produce potentially harmful wastewater emissions and have received notification of this within their discharge to consent, companies including those such as food factories, chemical engineering works and manufacturing facilities. These businesses must measure the flow of their trade effluent using specialist equipment and systems. At a certain volume of effluent, this equipment must be certified and approved by the Environment Agency’s Monitoring Certification Scheme (MCERTS).

Depending on the specific business type and requirements, effluent flow may be measured on either an instantaneous or continuous basis, each of which requires careful specification of equipment. At SIRIS, our experienced approach to flow measurement allows us to specify and develop robust and reliable measurement systems, using technical combinations of our MCERTS-approved products including weirs, flumes and flow meters.

Our comprehensive approach allows you to take the right decisions for your effluent flow measurement system, ensuring accurate data and cost-efficiency for your business.