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Open Channel Flow Meter

SIRIS MCERTS-certified open channel ultrasonic flow meters are one of our open channel flow measurement devices and offer an accurate and reliable solution for measuring flow rate through open channels and are the preferred method of measuring flow rate (gauged head) through an open channel hydraulic structure, such as a flume or v-notch weir.

Ultrasonic flow meters measure flow rate by continuously transmitting pulses of high frequency sounds and waiting for an ‘echo’ to determine the exact height of the water as it passes over a flume or weir.

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Designed for use with open channel structures

Open channel flow measurement devices are the preferred method of measuring flow rate (gauged head) through an open channel hydraulic structure, such as a flume or v-notch weir. All our flow meters are MCERTS-compliant and designed stand the test of time – providing you with ongoing accurate and reliable results.


Easy to maintain

Due to their out of water positioning, open channel ultrasonic flow meter sensors are simple to clean and maintain – even in hazardous areas.

Accurate & reliable data

SIRIS flow meters carry MCERTS accreditation so you can be confident that the data provided is reliable and accurate and will provide accurate and reliable long-term flow measurement.

Our open channel flow measurement devices are designed in accordance with BS/ISO 1438 and BS/ISO 4359 and will meet with relevant regulatory discharge and MCERTS requirements.

Design & installation

We pride ourselves in offering a bespoke service to all of our clients. Our design and installation process ensures we provide you with a cost-effective solution tailored to suit your site’s individual requirements.

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Compatibility with site systems

All SIRIS products can be used with our data monitoring software, Palette, however they are also compatible with your existing SCADA system. Our expert team is committed to working in partnership with our customers to meet their individual requirements and ensure our products fit seamlessly into each site.

Simon Richardson says...

“Our MCERTS-compliant open channel flow meters are our preferred solution for measuring flow rate through an open channel hydraulic structure such as a v-notch weir due to their accuracy and easy-to-maintain design. Open channel flow meters are simple and easy to clean – even at hazardous sites – making them a really cost-effective option.”

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