Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Flexible clamp on ultrasonic flow meters are a convenient and portable testing option that operate on the doppler effect – measuring the time for a sound-wave to travel between a transmitter and receiver.

The clamp is attached tightly onto the pipe, using ultrasonic couplant gel to ensure there aren’t any air gaps between the clamp and the pipe and enhance sound transmission from the transducer.

These units are also available for hire and can provide a temporary flow measurement solution.


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Convenient alternative to electromagnetic options

At SIRIS, we use clamp on meters primarily for the verification of electromagnetic flow meters , however it can also provide a convenient alternative to applications where the cost or installation of an electromagnetic meter is prohibitive.


Simple installation and minimal maintenance requirements

With no pressure drop or energy loss, a wide turn-down ratio and no need to cut the pipe or stop the flow, installation is easy and maintenance can be minimal. Ultrasonic flow meters are durable, long-lasting and, when installed and calibrated correctly, they provide a reliable and accurate solution.

Accurate & reliable data

A SIRIS clamp on ultrasonic flow meter carry MCERTS accreditation so you can be confident that the data provided is reliable and accurate and will provide accurate and reliable long-term flow measurement.

Our flow meters are designed to meet with relevant regulatory discharge and MCERTS requirements.

All SIRIS products are compatible with our web-based data recording software, which allows quick and easy access to your data at any time – from any location.

Design & installation

We pride ourselves in offering a bespoke service to all of our clients. Our design and installation process ensures we provide you with a cost-effective solution tailored to suit your site’s individual requirements.

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Compatibility with site systems

All SIRIS products can be used with our data monitoring software, Palette, however they are also compatible with your existing SCADA system. Our expert team is committed to working in partnership with our customers to meet their individual requirements and ensure our products fit seamlessly into each site.

Simon Richardson says...

“If the cost of an electromagnetic flow meter is prohibitive, a clamp on ultrasonic flow meter can be a cost-effective alternative when correctly installed and calibrated by an expert. However, they can be compromised by environmental conditions such as temperature, so it may be necessary to use a sun shade to ensure it works accurately. We also offer this type of flow meter for hire as a convenient temporary flow measurement solution.”

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