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0191 5131313 | hello@siris.co.uk


What are wastewater samplers?

Wastewater samplers are used to automatically collect samples from different applications such as enclosed pipes or open channels. Companies can analyse and monitor the discharge as per requirements, a key benefit is that this process does not require any manual labour.

Siris Vacuum Samplers 

Appropriate for open channels such as flumes and weir tanks, the equipment uses an internal vacuum pump to draw a sample from a deep pit or confined space. Composite sampling helps to provide a more comprehensive picture of water quality, PH, temperature and turbidity levels. 



Cooling fan at the back of the sampler prevents bacterial growth within the samples. 


Single or Multi-bottle Options 
The most popular choice with our customer base is the multi-bottle choice because this gives a full representation of a weeks worth of samples. The multi-bottle option is also pre-programmable and the equipment will rotate on command as requested.


Compliant and Proven
Tried and tested across the UK and Europe, our samplers meet all environmental agency and ISO 5667 requirements. 


Siris Guillotine Sampler 

Also known as an inline sampler…guillotine samplers are strictly for closed channel applications. Collecting samples via the air valve and piston automatically firing into the pipe line, drawing back and gathering the water. 

Robust and Weather-durable 
Great in adverse weather conditions, they can be installed indoors or outdoors.


The Siris Service Promise 


Step 1. Ascertain your needs
Every application is different so we need to gather as much information as possible to ensure we get the right type of sampler for you. This may include requesting pictures or possibly a site visit to assess need. 

Step 2. Quotation
Our expert team will put a quote together based on the initial enquiry and send details over to you. 

Step 3. Build your system
Once your quotation has been approved we will begin getting all the correct parts and components ready in our workshop. 

Step 4. Delivery and Installation 
If Siris complete the shipment we can install the sampler for you or we can liaise with a third party contractor. 

Step 5. Service Agreement 
We will visit your site and fully service the sampler, check and ensure that it is operating correctly. We can change sampler settings such as frequency or rotation times for you and carry out fault-finding tests then replace parts that may have worn over time. Our experts will also provide best practice advice to your team.