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0191 5131313 | hello@siris.co.uk

CASE STUDY: Calibration for Wastewater Treatment Plant

V-notch calibration

The Client Needs

This client was using a system with a storm river v-notch that was measuring flow directly from the storm overspill into the watercourse. With a likelihood that the Environment Agency will introduce new MCERTS obligations, where sites using watercourses for overspill during “storm events” will require accurate flow measurement, it is vital that flow in these instances is measured correctly.

Work Completed

Our team first visited the site to carry out a calibration of the system. This involved taking measurements of the notch width and height, as well as the channel width, approach length and the level on the target reference plate.


After logging our measurements we discovered that the flow meter calibration was out by some 4mm.  Our team consequently made the necessary adjustments to ensure the device was monitoring accurately.  Before leaving site, we also carried out a ‘dip check, using a steel rule to measure the head level and confirm that the flow meter was registering the same value. Finally, using our flow calculator, we entered the v-notch degrees and minutes, as well as the recorded head value, to confirm that the calculated flow rate was the same as the flow meter recordings.

Our Guarantee

We offer 6-monthly verification flow system service checks, where we test your analysing equipment and provide a calibration certificate that is valid for both QMS purposes and in the instance where the CSA should require an audit. Many sites are billed on discharge volume and therefore regular service and calibration checks ensure you won’t be overcharged, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your system.

Require a check of your system?

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