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An end user client was experiencing issues with data accuracy after the installation of a flow meter by a third-party contractor. Our team was able to swiftly identify and adjust set-up to ensure the data they received was correct.

The Client Needs

It was identified that an end user dairy producer was experiencing issues with accuracy of data outputs from their newly-installed electromagnetic flow meter.  It was important that the cause was identified and rectified so that their data was correct, particularly as this was used for charging purposes. 

Our Response

During a routine post-installation verification check, one of our experienced project engineers quickly identified issues within this flow meter installation. It rapidly became apparent that the third-party contractor had not installed the meter correctly, meaning that incorrect measurements were pulling through to the data feed.

Our engineer was able to recognise that the Sensorprom (the part of the flow meter sensor that carries the unit calibration value) had not been installed correctly and had defaulted to factory settings. This included the incorrect bore size, the calibration (cal) factor and the excitation value.

During our initial response our engineer was able to adjust and reset the flow meter to the unique original Sensorprom characteristics. On adjustment the meter significantly changed its flow reading and this was checked against a secondary time of flight reference.



The Outcome

The end user now has confidence that their flow data being recorded and subsequently billed against is correct.

Lee, Project Engineer

“It is critical that any flow meter installation is carried out in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations and industry best practice, and that an independent verification process takes place. Flow monitoring systems are complex and in the case of electromagnetic flow meters there are often issues that would only be obvious to an experienced user. We would advise any end users using contractors to carry out appropriate due diligence on the experience and knowledge of a potential flow monitoring system installer. We are always here to provide advice and support.”

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