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Flow Meter Hire

We helped this contractor ensure their project was designed and installed within the correct parameters for the rate of flow within the sewage treatment works.

The Challenge

A UK contractor delivering a project at a sewage treatment works needed to better understand the rate of flow into the works, in order to ensure installations were designed and fitted to the right size and specification. 


The situation did not require a permanent installation, but a reliable solution that would give accurate data on the rate of flow into the sewage treatment works.

Alistair, SIRIS Projects

“It was vital that this client was able to build an accurate picture of the flow rate so that they could specify the correct works and installation for the end customer.  We worked quickly to bring them a solution that was not only reliable, but also delivered the data in a way that was easily understood and decisions could be made.”

The Solution

Our team worked with the contractor to understand requirements before proposing and installing a solution that comprised of time-of-flight meters on three lines within the works.  Pre-work included checking return pump flows to ensure adequate conditions within the pipe for the installation of the meters.   Adverse weather conditions meant that the sensors had to be adequately protected from the elements.  The meters were then calibrated and left to collect data over a number of weeks in order to build a reliable data picture of the rate of flow. Each flow meter was connected to data loggers, which then sent measurements to the cloud.

The Result

Key to success of this project was the client’s ability to view the data visually.  All SIRIS flow meter hires include remote access from any device to the data, which is not only available in its raw format, but also in pre-set and standardised visual formats that are easily understood by most stakeholders.   

The contractor was able to accurately understand the rate of flow throughout the works and therefore specify and install the correct solution for the end client.

Flow Meter Hire?

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