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Case study: Ensuring MCERTS compliance for food manufacturer

As producers of trade effluent, food and beverage manufacturers are required to take part in the Environment Agency’s MCERTS scheme. However, many manufacturers simply don’t realise that they could save money by investing in a new wastewaster monitoring system. We worked with our supplier Pulsar Process Measurement to ensure MCERTS compliance for food manufacturer Premier Foods, in Newport.




The project

The site’s existing wastewater monitoring system wasn’t fit for purpose – an older weir tank was installed but it was undersized for the capacity required and was costing the food manufacturer money and making it difficult for them to measure accurately.


We assessed the site and worked with Pulsar and the client to understand the options available to them. We recommended installing a much larger weir tank – utilising space the factory had close to the existing tank.


A larger tank results in smoother, more tranquil flow which allows for greater accuracy in measurement.


As accuracy was such a key consideration for this site, we designed and installed the system to work alongside Pulsar’s DUET flow meter. Unlike a standard ultrasonic flow meter, which operates using a single transducer, the DUET’s unique design utilises two transducers to provide highly accurate results.


Money saving

By installing a fully-compliant system that was tailored to the client’s requirements, we were able to help the company make substantial savings.


Discharging more or less trade effluent than is stipulated in the conditions of a company’s consent to discharge permit can prove costly.


A food manufacturer discharging too much trade effluent can result in fines from the Environment Agency – and the company will also be required to apply for a new permit at a further cost. However, discharging less than expected also has cost implications as the company will be paying to discharge more than it actually is!


Correct and accurate monitoring that meets MCERTS requirements and uses MCERTS-certified equipment is the only way to ensure a manufacturer is paying the correct amount.


MCERTS guarantee

We offer an MCERTS guarantee, meaning that any system we design, install and maintain will be fully MCERTS-compliant. MCERTS compliance for a food manufacturer is vital, as it ensures that their system is performing at a high level of accuracy and providing cost-effective results, while remaining within the limits of their consent to discharge permit.