Effluent Discharge Turbidity Measurement

Turbidity measures the relative clarity of a liquid. In effluent discharge turbidity is an essential component in assessing the final quality of the effluent before it is discharged and ensuring you are meeting the conditions of your Consent to Discharge.

Turbidity is also a good indicator of how a sewage treatment works is performing as increased turbidity indicates sludge blanket breakthrough, which can be caused by excessive levels of flow or a failure in the treatment process.

Partech 7300w² Monitor

We supply the Partech WaterWatch 7300w² Monitor, a cost-effective and robust measurement solution which can utilise multiple sensors to measure a variety of parameters, including pH monitoring, temperature, and conductivity.

The 7300w² features:

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TurbiTechw² LS Sensor

The TurbiTechw² LS Sensor can be combined with the WaterWatch 7300w² Monitor to provide a comprehensive monitoring solution for the levels of suspended solids (turbidity) found in final effluent.

Partech says:

The TurbiTechw² LS Sensor employs infrared light at 860 nm using the 90º Light Scatter principle in accordance with ISO7027 (2000). The cleaning process is automatically initiated by the 7300w² Monitor at a user determined frequency. The cleaning process takes only 90 seconds, which means that the sensor is available for 99.5% of the time with a 6 hourly cleaning cycle.

Download product specification.

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