Hygiene Kits

Contamination and sediment build-up in effluent flow meter systems, both man made and naturally occurring, will prevent your channel from measuring correctly. As sediment builds up the channel will become blocked and flow will be restricted – ultimately resulting in higher discharge fees.

Our effluent flow meter hygiene kits allow you to maintain your channel in between servicing, ensuring it is working efficiently and providing cost-effective results.

Frequent maintenance of your flow meter system by competent and qualified professionals must be enforced through a properly logged and monitored maintenance schedule. This ensures that they are working correctly and offering the best accuracy and value for money. In addition to frequent on-site maintenance, you should ensure a proper schedule with MCERTS qualified inspectors as part of your requirements within your Consent to Discharge.

It’s always a good idea to keep your flow measurement system clean, but even more so prior to an inspection.┬áNot only can poorly maintained equipment cause flow meters to give incorrect readings, the MCERTS inspector will want to see your maintenance records during your MCERTS inspection. This is to check assess how effective your maintenance programme is.

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