Calibration & Servicing

Guaranteeing data accuracy and performance measurement over a period of time with MCERTS flow meters can be challenging, given the many factors influencing measurement.  Compliance, in particular for MCERTS certification, requires regular verification of the system to provide a traceable reference.

What is MCERTS Flow Meters Calibration?

  Effluent flow meters are used to measure the rate of wastewater flow, typically in industrial or public settings and premises.  It is important to measure the rate of flow as this will dictate charges and regulations related to a company’s or plant’s consent to discharge waste water.  The rate of flow is simply the speed with which the liquid is flowing through a pipe or channel at any given time and, when used accurately as a measurement in an effluent flow system, can help to articulate accurate volumes of wastewater discharged. MCERTS flow meters should be accurately calibrated both when it is set up and at regular intervals to ensure accuracy of results – otherwise the company/authority with financial responsibility for the volume of wastewater may risk unnecessary charges. Calibration simply means “testing” these flow meters to ensure that they are giving accurate results. In order to calibrate a flow meter, the calibrator will compare the flow measurements of a flow meter to those using a pre-calibrated test flow measurement device (the standard device).  Because the standard device is certified to give an accurate reading, the calibrator can easily compare if there are inaccuracies with the flow meter that is being tested.    The flow meter scale is then adjusted to conform to that of the testing equipment standard scale to ensure accurate data.
At SIRIS we have a qualified and experience team of engineers and MCERTS inspectors, who use our state-of-the-art calibration equipment such as the PROVALOOP to calibrate flow meters and wastewater measurement systems across the UK.  Our after servicing packages and service promise of “Do it Once. Do it Right.” give our clients reassurance and peace of mind that their flow measurement data is fit-for-purpose and accurate.