SIRIS Thin Plate Weir "Regulatory Flow Conformance System"

We can supply an off-the-shelf, fully compliant, regulatory flow measurement system that can be located above or below ground. Just connect the inlet and outlet pipes, power up and switch on.

Our flow measurement weir tanks are manufactured in a rigid PVC and reinforced with PVC. They include two solid external support bands to prevent bowing and distortion, and the inlet and outlet pipes can be fabricated to suit customer requirements.

The system includes provision for a data logging flow meter housed in a weather-proof kiosk, a critical laser-machined thin plate weir, an upstream baffle and a maintenance drain-down valve. In addition, the outlet weir plate has additional supports so it remains free from any bowing or skew.

The above has been designed in accordance with BS/ISO 1438:2008 and is guaranteed to comply with Environmental Agency MCERTS flow requirements. The complete system is factory calibrated in accordance with BS/ISO and UKAS M3003, and requires minimal on-site commissioning.