Service Agreements

We undertake Service Agreements across the whole of the UK for many industrial clients and water utility providers. These service agreements can be tailored to a customer’s specific requirements.

Our service agreements are known throughout the industry as the SIRIS Regulatory Discharge Service Agreement. This particular agreement has been designed to ensure that the key criteria set down by the water utility providers and the Environment Agency are met.

If you are billed on the volume and quality of your discharge then it is sensible to have your equipment serviced and calibrated properly. Having a service agreement in place also provides re-assurances to the regulator or charging authority.

A typical service agreement includes:

Service & maintenance of equipment and instrumentation

Flow meter calibration & verification

Siris PROVALoop Electromagnetic flow meter calibration

Priority call out and preferential service rates

Data collection, evaluation and secure server storage

Fully trained confined space entry team

Flow Meter Calibration and Verification

The importance of calibration and verification cannot be over stated. Accurate and reliable calcibration of flow measuring equipment provides peace of mind that the flow meter is operating correctly. If the flow meter is used for billing purposes then an incorrect calibration can lead to unnecessary overcharging.

Volume is a key component to the Mogden Formula, used by water companies for calculating trade effluent charges.

SIRIS have adopted several methods of calibrating flow meters. Our company recommend that flow meters remain in-service and are verified or calibrated on-site rather than removed and then sent to a test rig. An in-house test rig only checks the flow meter and it does not check the flow measurement system at the site.

When using an Open Channel Flow Measurement System it is good practice, and in some instances a requirement, to undertake periodic flow checks. SIRIS can provide a simple cost effective Reference target solution which allows the flow meter to be checked without the need to remove the meter or isolate the flow. If a significant error is apparent then a further investigation or on-site calibration can be arranged.

If a Closed Pipe Flow Measurement System is being used, such as an electromagnetic flow meter, SIRIS have developed a system that allows the flow meter to be verified against a calibrated reference meter. Known as the PROVALoop, this system confirms both the accuracy of the flow meter and quantifies any errors.

If a significant error is highlighted then further investigative work can be carried out such as cleaning the internal bore of the flow meter. A low error confirms all is well with both the flow meter, and that fouling is minimal, thus meeting the maintenance and verification requirements of the MCERTS scheme.

Over a number of years we have found that routine service and calibration of industrial effluent discharge flow meters leaves much to be desired even when undertaken by some recognised suppliers.

Flow meter calibration or verification forms part of our standard service agreements.