The SIRIS Solution to MCERTS

SIRIS supply and install effluent measurement instrumentation systems and offer an MCERTS Compliance Guarantee in that any installation designed, supplied and installed by SIRIS will be guaranteed to meet the requirements for certification.

SIRIS can undertake a one stop shop approach where we design supply and install a flow measurement system most appropriate to the nature of the effluent discharge, have the installation inspected by a third party MCERTS inspector, have the QMS audited by an approved auditor and issue the final conformance certificate.

Included in the Environment Agency’s document Minimum Requirements for the Self-Monitoring of Effluent Flow, section 4.10 – Maintenance and section 4.13 – Verification, states that:

'... equipment shall be maintained/serviced at pre-defined intervals...' and '...the operator shall undertake appropriate verification procedures between MCERTS inspections over the entire certification period, to ensure that the flow monitoring equipment is operating satisfactorily.'

SIRIS can provide routine service and calibration checks that comply with the Environment Agency requirements and ensures ongoing accurate flow measurement data. Contact us below for a free assessment of your current discharge arrangement.