Water Waste Samplers: Bottle Options

The SIRIS Efcomomy & Guillotine Wastewater Sampler units are based upon the same module. This allows various bottle options to be supplied which fit easily into the main sample collection area.

Both the Efconomy and Guillotine come with a single 15 litre collection vessel as standard. If the units are specified in multiple bottle format then the client can select either 2, 4, 12 or 24 bottle systems. The 2 or 4 bottle samplers are used for daily composite sampling with the 4 bottle unit being by far the most popular. The 12 or 24 bottle systems tend to be used when locating process faults in the discharge.

To keep the level of operator intervention to a minimum, the wastewater sampler can be specified using a twin bottle self cleaning & self emptying arrangement.

This system means the previous 24 hours composite sample is always available for collection should the charging authority make a spot visit to the site. The sample collection vessel is automatically emptied and cleaned after 24 hours.

SIRIS will always try to meet our customers sampling requirements. Should you have a specialised application we will endeavour to help find a solution.